Monday, 8 October 2012

Thing 23: What Next? A Final Reflection

The final note on the CPD23 course is to write a six word 'story' on my experience. So here goes:
Interesting, informative, steep learning curve.  I have found the whole experience enlightening and useful.Some of the tools are now part of my everyday working life, others I'm sure I'll get to in time. I do want to build on this knowledge as I'm a fiirm believer that you have to 'do' to learn, and if you don't use it you'll forget how. My employers are still undecided about using social networking from a departmental point of view but clearly use it far marketing purposes. Is this a bit of hypocracy, or am I wanting to run before I can walk?

I've put all of this into my Personal Development Plan. A wish list that you can aim for instead of drifting into things. I can see some gaps in my knowledge and they are in there too. The process of doing the plan is a bit like putting your CV together in reverse. Firstly, by identifying what you're good at and then what needs more work. I've tried not to be too ambitious because I know from past experience that plans rarely follow the route you want them to and have to be revised along the way. Time and money are significant issues, and opportunities tend to materialise where you least expect them.

In all the course has shown me that you're never to old to learn, and that you shouldn't be scared of technology and trying new things. After all the 'digital natives' take all of this in their stride.

Thank you CPD23. Can we do this all again in a couple of years time when things will have moved on even more? One request is that you do a 'thing' on teaching/training skills, not just presenting.

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